The urge from the day the thought shoot our mind , till the day we made it
Our excitement reached heights which was like the sky infinite
Saw you touched you yet to feel you bare
This feeling that I got sitting so close
Yet couldn’t put my hands on you to pull you close and kiss you
The wait was more than 100 kms
The pain you and i bore all along until we reached to rip off and go on
The way we drove each other crazy the madness we shared and the time we spent
Those 58 and hours felt like I’ve known you since decades and birth , also did feel like those hours passed like few seconds and your gone
Feeling that is beyond description and love that is immeasurable
I hugged you because I missed you these days
I hugged you because I couldn’t let you go off me again.
I’m just truly lost for words the warmth of your arms I want to feel that again that cozy sleep under your breath is heaven
where I always yet wish to be
Every little thing from our talks till our fun time
from the bathing till the pooping
From our wandering till watching a movie together
We argued too but wen we fight I want you to close your eyes look for me on your right I’ll always be there telling you I still love you no matter what…….
Everything is so perfect with you like as if nothing else would be better than you
I’ve cried so many times but I’ve cried most of the time for you and with you just cried longing for you loving you and wanting you more and more
We’ve grown mature and mad with each other our love growing old as we get younger
My eyes not ready to shut staring at you fast asleep
couldn’t miss seeing you peacefully wrapped around my arms
kissed your face didn’t want the time to pass just wished if it could freeze for life for us.
Every little moment with you I cherish it dressing up together holding your arms n walking hand in hand as your wife and claiming you as mine
You fed me like a baby you’re my Mom my dad dropped in my life like a bomb
The best blast ever I had
I want to travel around live such moments create new one and pray to be by your side for the rest of my life.
You looking for this to end but my feelings my love my thoughts that gush in my mind when I think of you aren’t ceasing.
I’m already yours will you please stay mine
– Jennifer Lobo

I’ve had you

Your not enough never enough to me since I’ve had a taste of you there’s a want an urge for more to have some more of you to go on with it for lifetime ….
Things may never have been the way we always wished for , dreamt of but it’s sure you wait for me and so do I when the time has us in between together so close …..
There are differences but not for life because the cry that I sent the heart that you sent were not just symbols but our flesh and blood with the truest feelings….
You are mine I gotta claim you forever we’re already submitted to each other..
As time goes by our arguments have no height so does our love has lost it’s limits,
it’s more wider than the sea and higher than the sky…..
You are called to be mine and so am I yours I dream of you even when we fight and have the same greed to love you more than before and endless as the horizon therefore.
My love for you is what I can express and cannot express you know how difficult it is for me to put it before you an unpresentable…..
It’s been a long time since I put my feeling into words letting them dance on the floor of my love …..

Love so Mutinous

I know I don’t dream like other girls might
But i even know what things can bring us close together do good to us be success and reach heights.
You talk about no life without me and that you’ve accordingly set your goals for you and I
But baby if things would really work the same.
The way to you passes from I proving myself to become what I dreamt of
a life we’ve been dreaming of since our eyes could even think enough.
I may sound selfish selfward and you may name it but only if you understand baby I no you know and the world works like this just if you interpret a bit.
But Aahha do not again question my love cause the storm within me for you is unstoppable my day doesn’t start unless I breathe your thoughts as your always running on my mind to another level.
I love you and will always do until the end of any existence that witnesses how much you really mean to me and what I always have for you.
No fights misunderstandings nothing has enough power to break us apart our one meet and that hug can melt any and every sort of anger I want this to last always for how much ever we live and for us to always be like this no matter what.
-Jennifer Lobo

A little more

I miss you
Waiting for the cold days to pass by sooner and the day to arrive when I’ll hold you in my arms tighter than before to never ever let you go
I’m sick no rehab can fix me your the only drug I long for.
Every moment that passes on the watch my heart gets a throb of me wanting for you more than before a little more than I wanted you a second earlier.
Days that pass makes me wait for you to meet you once and complete my life it stops my time the whole day feels like just an hour a minute passed since I’ve met you, caressed you and kissed you.
Why don’t you stay a little longer why can’t we make love little more than a lifetime to melt in each other like never before our hearts to get one as our souls are in hunger waiting and wanting to be loved enough by you and you.
It’s just y-ou and me babe I love you sooo much more than our fights our arguments and our quarrels our lately stupidest discussions wanting me more of you everytime that I drop a tear of my eye I want to kiss you hard and hug you tight….. Little more than before.
-Jennifer Lobo

Strong and beautiful

She is shattered inside as she let herself and placed her heart in every other place which only broke her heart
She didn’t know or yes she knew she was wrong while she did mistakes and even knew what the consequences would’ve been
But had no idea for how long and how deep it would hurt her again and again at every stage of her life.
Those mistakes made her feel useless or used…. She was attracted to the fake love that was shown… Still took it in a good way now she feels happy that they realize it was then their bad that they left me she said.
But yet it hurts her when she has not changed at all and is being tagged asif she is.
Everyday then she faced isolation and now she roams in it.
Now Even if she removes her tapped heart out to show her love
It’ll be called out worthless.
Hence she now does not force anyone to live besides
Unnecessary you may call it ,
one wrong sentence said , her heart jumps in pain and fear Unexpressable ready to just stop beating.
She has faced all bad she has it inside her but the present hurts her by pokin out her past revealing the injured wounds out
She’s trying soo hard to be what she was but now that her past is just transparent yet not gone because it is still there as it had been the part of her life nothing has changed in her nothing at all has changed but the realization that people make her that she forces herself to think that maybe her past has or is affecting her present and may affect her future.
And so she does not forces anyone to live besides
Its their choice that they make.
But yes she has got this to say that
she has bloomed more beautiful than she was
more confident and more amazing that she makes her mistakes jealous of what she is now ohhh i wish I had her……
I miss her they say…
Soooo satisfying!!! she says.
-Jennifer Lobo

Thoughts gone wi~pure

She always loves you more in thoughts and dreams until you’ll meet to love in person.
you are not wht she desires for,
But you are what she is blessed with.
You O’people Don’t name it lust,
but it’s pure love and respect.
When he holds her close he protects her with his arms like the sheild to all the pain , sufferings and sorrows.
The way he looks at her
Ohh god !!!! there’s nothing more amazing the world stops when she gazes back at him.
“You are my birthday gift
All i want for christmas is uhhh” she says.
Your her each and every minute thing and the largest part of her life with you she feels everything so good
because she knows whatever happens you’ll always love her and for this she will never ever ever want to loose you
She has the courage to fight the world for you.
She wants you always in every heartbeat, every breath and every Birth that she takes
She wants to live with you stay with u dream fantasies and make them true.
For her love so pure and wild.
-Jennifer Lobo